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Auto Car Fresh AIR PURIFIER Oxyen bagr Ozone lonizer Cleaner

RM 15.90

Auto Car Fresh AIR PURIFIER Oxyen bagr Ozone lonizer Cleaner

Auto Car Fresh AIR PURIFIER Oxyen bagr Ozone lonizer Cleaner


Mode of power supply: cigarette lighter typeOxygen 

Function: eliminate peculiar smellProduct 

Specification: length:9cm ,diameter:2.2cmProduct 

Material:aluminum magnesium metal + plastic

Color: Red, Blue,Black,Sliver

Consumed power:0.8WOzone concentration: 0.06 PPM

Power source:car cigarette lighter DC12V.

Product Features:

1.Small volume,total 10cm length ,no wiring design, with a plug can be used, no more wires, does not occupy a space

2.Mute design, silent, won't make you distracted when driving

3.No need maintenance, easy to use

4.Hidden in neon blue crystal bulb, as a small night light use, driving at night don't need to open indoor lights, to increase driving safety

Product Advantage:

Anion is the vitamin in the air, and can keep the skin to breathe smoothly, prevent disease

1. Eliminate peculiar smell, smoke. Strong sterilization, cleaning the air!

2.Purifying blood, strengthen the respiratory function

3.promote metabolism, regulate endocrine, ease tension

4.Eliminate the positive charge on the human body (e.g., trachea and bronchus) stimulation!

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