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Baby Infant Bottle Warmer Heater Hot For Breast Milk Food Thermostat

RM 29.90


.Efficient heating technique

.Heating controlled within the range of 35 - 45 degrees Celsius of baby bottles and baby food such as: milk, porridge, rice, and cereal

.Ensure food does not transition boiling, does not destroy the food’s nutritional value

.Automatic heating, automatic thermostat and over temperature protection function to facilitate the baby ready to drink

.Suitable to heat up various baby food: milk, gruel, porridge, rice cereal and more

.Easy to clean

.Portable,Convenient and Fast

.Temperature can be regulated manually

.Size: 12.5cm x 11cm x 8cm

.Suitable for 5.5cm (diameter) bottles

.Material: ABS electronic original

.Voltage: 110V - 220V / 50Hz

.Rated Power: 15W

.FREE with 1 Milk Bottle size 125ml

Usage Instructions:

.Put the bottle with milk inside the milk warmer

.You do not need to fill in water.

.Connect the warmer to electric power,  NOW the light will be ON! (the temperature will be controlled at 35-45 Degree Celsius)

.During heating process, the light will blink.

Warning:No water directly poured into the warmer

Product Specifications and Features

.Voltage: 110-220 V

.Size: 12.5 cm x 11cm x 8cm

.Weight: 0.3 kg

.Material: ABS electronic original

Package Contents:

1 x Baby Bottle Milk Warmer

FREE 1 x 125ml Milk Bottle (Colour & Design will be given randomly).