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Car Sound Proof Insulation Rubber Aluminium

RM 66.90
Car Sound Proof Insulation Rubber Aluminium

Car Sound Proof Insulation Rubber Aluminium

  • Made of high quality butyl rubber

    Reduces cabin noise up to 30%

    Reduces squeaking, vibrations and unwanted outside noise

    Improve audio quality

    Product material: High quality butyl rubber with aluminium

    Dimension: 23cm x 40cm

    Thickness: 3mm Butyl rubber + Aluminium

    Weight: 300g each sheet

    Package includes 1 x Insulation mat

    Places to sound proof in your car

  • Step 1: Remove the door panels. Pop off the door panels to provide access to for the mats.

  • Step 2: Clean the metal area of the door panels with acetone to ensure the adhesive or glue sticks properly.

    Step 3: Make measurements. Measure the door panels and the floor to install insulation.

    Step 4: Cut the insulation to the desired measurements.

    Step 5: Place the insulation mats in between two door panels. This will help reduce vibrations along those two panels because there is less empty space.

  • Step 6: Press insulation in place. Place the insulation over the glue and press firmly from the centre out to make sure the materials fit tight.

  • Step 7: Roll out any bubbles. Use a roller to remove any bubbles or lumps in the insulation.

Step 8: Allow time to dry. Allow the materials to dry in place before proceeding.

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