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Classic 360 in 1 Games Retro Video Games Card Catridge Tape

RM 41.90 RM 79.00

Our Real Original Flash IC Card

Please refer to below the photo can explain everything

Our Retro Cartridge Use The Original Flash IC

Our Game Catridge Work Smooth Wont Cause Any Lag & Crash When Gaming

Our Card Got Battery Inside

Able Player To Save Their Games Position ( eg, such like dragon ball , etc )

Which Mean Our Card Can Be Repair Even It Damage  Or Flash corrupted ( Services Charged May Applied )

You Can Get A Cheaper One But Always Game Crash

It is no point for you to get a cheaper card that cause you always crash when playing

Game List At Below,Scroll Down.



Package Included : 

1 * Original Flash IC 360 in 1 Classic Retro Video Games Catridge