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Eykosi 250ml Dirts Repellent Nano Waterproof Spray

RM 17.90

Eykosi 250ml Dirts Repellent Nano Waterproof Spray

Eykosi 250ml Dirts Repellent Nano Waterproof Spray

This products will not harm your original material , which is suitable for all kind of surface : Fabric , Leather, sofa, mountain climbing material , shoes , bags, shirts, high heels & etc.

Q: What is the size of the spray ?
A: 250ML

Q : How many times can you spray?
A: 8-10pairs of shoes / 6-10 small bags / 6-8 umbrella /4 shirts

Q: How long will the spray last long ?
A: This is depending on weather , humidity, and user behaviour. Function maintaining time will be 1-3 months , bags 1-2 months , umbrella 5-6 months .

Q Can I still wash my item after applying the never wet spray ?
A: You can still wash your item in washing machine, function might be losing after you put it in washing machine .

Q : How do apply it ?
A: spray it with your favourite item, waiting for 20-30 mins and enjoy the effect .

Package included:
1 * 250ml Dirts Repellent Nano Waterproof Spray

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