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HDMI Three Into A 4K HD Video Switcher (Black)

RM 26.90

HDMI Three Into A 4K HD Video Switcher (Black)
HDMI Three Into A 4K HD Video Switcher (Black)

  • Colour: Black
    Size: 8.2 * 6 * 1.6cm
    Material: ABS, plastic plus paper card packaging
    Packing details: HDMI Three a 4K HD video switcher * 1
    Functions and features: compatible with standard HDMI1.4a, CTS1.4a, DVI 1.0 version supports HDMI 1.4: Support 3D TV support HDCP repeater support 3D video formats; 4K x 2K; 8, 10, 12 & 16-bit Deep Color. Road.
    Support for audio output Dolby TrueHD DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1CH low power, no external power supply; three HDMI connections inputs, one HDMI output interfaces, random switching button, belt warning lamp (input and output HDMI cable needs its own preparation); good compatibility, support 1080P, 4k * 2k for DVD with HDMI interface, STB, PS3, PC, DV, DLP Video Projector and other HDMI devices.

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