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Mini Non Stick BBQ Electric Heat Barbecue Grill

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Mini Non Stick BBQ Electric Heat Barbecue Grill

Mini Non Stick BBQ Electric Heat Barbecue Grill

This Non Stick MINI ELECTRIC AND BARBECUE GRILL provides a great grilling and pan fried solution for gas and charcoal free. It’s light weight, easy carry and setup, smokeless, energy-conserving and environment-friendly, so you can enjoy grilled goodness whenever.


1000W electric grill with quick heat transfer around rack for faster grilling.

3 in 1 Multi-Function (Fry, Grill, Decoct)

Comes with Temperature Controller to control the level of heat

Durable stainless steel rack, suitable for indoor use.

Includes non-stick pans for easy cooking and cleaning.


At first use, preheat grill in advance by itself. Smelling is a normal phenomenon.

Put the barbecue frame on the grill and your favorite food into the pan, and the barbecue below the oven.

Control the temperature to avoid the oil splashes. It is also ideal to cut food in smaller pieces for better cooking quality.

Be careful when touching or moving the grill and handles to avoid scalding.


Grill should not be around flammable item.

To avoid short circuit, avoid water splashes on the switch and top shell.

Don’t use the machine when the power/plug is damaged.

Don't touch the grill when using it to avoid scalding.

Don’t disassemble grill by yourself. The voltage should be suited for the grill.

Use the grounding three-wire socket.

Keep children away from grill to avoid accidents.

Don't leave the grill empty or idle with heat for a long time.

Cleaning Using a soft, wet cloth, wipe the sundries when the grill has cooled down.

The frying pan, grill and rack can be washed with detergent.

Don’t use metal materials and sharp tools when cleaning to avoid scuffing the surface of the frying pan

Package Includes:

1X Barbecue Rack (Frame)

2X Removable Non-Stick Grill/Frying Pan (Teppanyaki Plates)

4X Removable Stainless Steel Small Frying Pan with heat-resistant grips

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