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Nano Waterproof Anti Dust Coloring Repair Spray Eykosi Suede Revive ( Coffee )

RM 25.90


It’s suitable for color maintenance for shoes, bags, clothes, sofa by made of suede leather, nubuck leather and textiles material.


1. Carefully choose color, it is suggested that to choose the color of a little shallow than primary colors.
2. Maintenance free part of light color items should be insulated to avoid color contamination.
3. Please spray a little in not obvious area before using, if no discoloring problem occurs, then spray the overall surface.


1. Clean the surface of maintenance items.
2. Directly spray to the surface of maintenance items until color uniformity, then wipe gently with Eykosi brush after the dry, the effect is much better.

Warning:Compression is liable to burning.Keep away from heat sources. Keep out of the reach of children.